Liliana Fernández

I was born, raised, and still live in Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina.
I was surrounded by art since I was a kid; my father was a Opera singer, and my mother is a painter.
But I believe my creativity further developed while working for more than 20 years as an accessories designer.
I chose to predominantly use the visual language of paintings as a tool to explore my thoughts and my spirituality; though I had, on occasion, used engraving on matrices of metal or wood, sculpting on cement, and modeling on ceramic and bronze.
I usually combine multiple materials and techniques in my paintings; as well as using recycled materials to achieve a multiplicity of visual and tactile textures for expressive purposes.
I graduated from the equivalent of a Bachelor in Arts with Concentration in Visual Arts at the IUNA (National University Institute of Art); where I was a TA of Professor Cristina Minacori at the Art Development Project Course.
My thesis addressed the idea that art is the ultimate vehicle of expression.
Art originates on the deepest layers of an all-encompassing universe; from which it feeds, changing it as it does so.
Art is born in the same way a child is: it emerges from mother reality who surrounds and protects it, as well as traps it. 
I propose art is the only way to dislodge ourselves from being embedded on the social constructs that constrain our individual and collective realities.
I divide my work on series whose origins and inspiration can be traced to my personal journeys of discovery into Philosophy, Psychology, and Sociology.
I have participated in multiple individual and collective exhibitions.
I only consider my work to be complete when it is presented to the observer who, by making it their own, transforms it; thus a cycle that begun with an individual, ends enriched by a collective who re-elaborates it and validates its existence.
Due to this belief, I value above all, the interpretation that the viewer makes of my work.
I appreciate the spontaneity of perception that adds value to every exhibition.